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L-Shaped Cedar Elevated Planter

Made from naturally rot resistant premium quality cedar deck boards , these L-shaped elevated planter boxes are the perfect size to frame a corner or enclose an area on a patio. This planter has deep soil beds so you can grow anything from herbs and flowers to deep-rooted vegetables and perennial shrubs. The convenient L-shape provides easy access to your plants and wheelchair, save space and the comfortable 32″ working height keeps produce away from slugs and animals/pets. -Made to last using all natural premium quality 1″ thick cedar deck boards -Convenient L-shaped for easy access to your plants and space saving -Comfortable working height, easy wheelchair access ​ ​-Keeps produce away from slugs and animals/pets -Easy to assemble using the factory pre-assembled panels -Proudly handcrafted in Maine USA -Holds 150 quarts of Potting Mix​​ (5.5 cu ft of soil) ​-Dimensions are: 43″ x 18″ W x 32″H